In my work, I am focusing on portraits. I keep on practicing on making a portrait which could depict a person, expose a face but also characteristic way of moving. 
Pinhole camera, as very often it requires long exposures, enables to capture not only the face as it is, but also the movement, the mimicry. Face is definitely an element that defines us, which makes us unique, and it is the most recognisable part of a human body. 
To me, also the way each person moves, body posture, underlines one’s individuality and can be, as well as the face, a signature mark of one’s character. I started to portrait my closest family. While making these photographs I told them to be patient as making the photo will take a while, and do nothing - just stand, talk. 
Photographs were taken in a small village in North-East part Poland, where my father was born, were he spent his childhood. Since we-kids were born we were spending here part of our summer holidays. A place close to our hearts. I wonder if this effects the way be behave...
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